A Curious Moon

Learn PostgreSQL on the Job at Red:4

Follow along with Dee Yan, our fictional data science intern, as she assumes the job of interim database administrator at the fictional aerospace startup, Red:4. She’ll learn PostgreSQL like we all do: on the job and under pressure. Red:4 is bidding on a mission to one of Saturn’s moons, Enceladus, considered to be a primary candidate for alien life. She needs to assemble, normalize, query and optimize data from the Cassini mission so it can go along as reference material for SELFI, NASA’s next-generation sensor that has a singular job: verify life under the ice of this remote moon.

Mostly a PostgreSQL tutorial, this book also has a narrative element in the spirit of The Martian. You'll start out with the basics: creating tables and importing data. Soon, however, you'll be awash in glorious SQL and data from space, creating functions, common table expressions and calculating aggregates using window functions.

The book is available with or without data; the only difference is the download size. With data is 740mb, without is 101mb. I encourage you to play along, but if you just want a fun read you can buy the book and download the data later on (there are links in the book).

Available in Kindle, PDF and epub formats; each is included in the download. You will also receive any and all updates. This is not a print book.

What's In The Book?

Probably the best way is to show you. I put together a quick 4:34 minute video which goes into a bit more detail in terms of what you will do and (hopefully) what you will learn..

"A Treasure Trove"

I’ve found the book to be a treasure trove of Postgres features. CTEs are blowing my mind right now. I’m a backend engineer, and I’ve been sharing what I’ve learned with my coworker who is a DBA. She is picking  up some tips through me now! I haven’t found a good, engaging tutorial for these intermediate/advanced Postgres tricks, and "A Curious Moon" fills this gap. As a bonus, I’m also picking up some bash tips from the book.

-- Loren Stewart